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The Revolutionary Toothpaste with "Active Chlorine Dioxide"

DioxiBrite Toothpaste Unique Dual Action: Immediately neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds (the major cause of breath odor) as well as kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. 

  • Penetrates into difficult to reach areas to kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease  
  • No harmful abrasives, no dangerous hydrogen peroxide that can make teeth sensitive and potentially harm gum tissue.
  • As an added benefit, the Activated Chlorine Dioxide used in DioxiBrite has been shown to whiten teeth.
  • Contains fluoride to prevent cavities.
  • Dual Chamber Pump guarantees freshness. 
  • Fresh Mint flavor

DioxiBrite Toothpaste is a two-part system that releases active chlorine dioxide immediately upon mixing Part A and Part B. This activated toothpaste quickly penetrates into every nook and cranny, even deep into the bacteria-infested pockets between the teeth and the gums and pervades the mouth with an invigorating flavor. You will notice that teeth are Whiter, Cleaner and Your Mouth Feels Alive!

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your DioxiBrite is. I teach a self defense class that involves a lot of close contact with students. Your product works for hours and gives me the confidence to work intimately with people without concern about my breath. You said it would work for hours and it really does E.S.

Now contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. NEW fresh mint flavor. 

Periodontal Gum Disease

Ortho Sonic Brush System
Brushing teeth with braces has never been so easy! The sonic electric toothbrush with retractable bristles protects sensitive gums while brushes all the nooks and crannies of braces on teeth with ease.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL basiq CoQ10 Monthly Maintenance Kit
30 day supply of our proven PerioEXCEL gel with applicators. This kit helps to maintain adequate levels of CoQ10 as a followup to our PerioEXCEL IQ Intensive Care program.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack
The PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack special includes 2 complete PerioEXCEL IQ6 kits with 6 bottles ea., i.e. 12 bottles total. It is intended for use in gum conditions that require a more intensive usage of CoEnzymeQ10, such as gum recession or more severe gum damage.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 2)
Replacement kit with 2 special brush heads with self-retracting bristles.Fits SDC Sonic Brush & Floss System, Virane Sensitive Brush.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Floss clips (Set of 10)
Replacement pack of 10 Floss Clips.Fits SDC Sonic Brush and Floss kit, Virane Sensitive.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

Sensitive Dental Care System I
The first artificially intelligent tooth cleaning system in the world adapts itself automatically.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Treatment Of Periodontal Disease

1.DioxiBrite included in Sensitive Dental Care Systems I& II ; 2. Dioxicare included in Sensitive Dental Care System II

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