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Periodontal Gum Disease Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease or Gum disease is the cause for much pain and suffering, and inevitably leads to receding gums, bone loss, and eventually tooth loss. Classic therapy may involve multiple incidents of dental surgery over an extended time period. And it is a recurring disease, ravaging your oral cavity for years, or even decades.

So, how can you prevent surgery, or if you have already had surgery, how can you prevent it from happening again and again? Obviously, after you have noticed the first signs of periodontal disease, the battle against periodontal disease starts with your own determination to make a change in your dental hygiene habits. But in addition to your resolution in periodontal disease, you also need the right dental care system.

To be successful in fighting periodontal disease, a dental care system must address three critical areas simultaneously: it must fight bacteria, eliminate pain and bleeding, and clean efficiently between your teeth:

1. Bacteria penetrate and infect the space just below the gum line The first visible signs of periodontal disease are red and tender gums, a result of the irritation and inflammation caused by bacteria that populate the space between the gums and the teeth (perio pockets). These "perio pockets" are literally seething with dangerous bacteria that compromise both the gums and the roots of teeth. In an advanced stage of periodontal disease, these bacteria even destroy the very bone that holds the teeth. Once the bacteria have destroyed enough tissue below the gum line, just brushing your teeth superficially is not enough to fight periodontal disease

2. Painful, Bleeding gums actually prevent you from maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Why? Because you unconsciously brush less thoroughly if your toothbrush hurts your gums or causes bleeding. Plaque, which contains a high concentration of dangerous bacteria, begins to coat your teeth, especially in the hard to reach areas close to the gums. The plaque hardens and irritates the gums even more. The result? You brush less and less thoroughly, and periodontal disease penetrates deeper and deeper into the perio pockets, the areas between the teeth and the gums. Now, brushing your teeth is often just not good enough to oust the bacteria from their hiding place deep below the gum line. Don't let it come to this!

3. Periodontal Disease begins between your teeth, so you should pay special attention to interdental care. But standard flossing devices are difficult to use in some areas of the mouth and fall short of eliminating all deposits between the teeth. Any oral hygiene effort that does not address the space between the teeth cannot succeed!

So, the ideal dental care system would need to include a component that fights bacteria , especially those hidden deep in the pockets between the gums and the teeth. A second critical component is a cleaning system that does not irritate your already red and swollen gums, but ensures a thorough cleaning experience, and lastly, the system would include a component that promotes thorough cleaning between the teeth without the hassle of using standard floss.

The revolutionary DHI Sensitive Dental Care System is your most effective weapon in the battle against periodontal disease. It will help to clean and disinfect teeth and to dramatically reduce or eliminate the incidence of bleeding and painful or swollen gums. It was specifically designed for patients with periodontal disease, and truly makes a difference. You can feel and see an improvement almost immediately, Some patients have experienced a dramatic improvement of their symptoms within a few days, and a reversal of the disease which had been progressing for years*.

All patients react differently to the treatment of periodontal disease. Discuss this new dental care package with your dentist as soon as you observe the first signs of periodontal disease and monitor the results closely. Your dentist should be the ultimate judge of progress.

Periodontitis Gum Disease Gingivitis

Periodontal Gum Disease

Ortho Sonic Brush System
Brushing teeth with braces has never been so easy! The sonic electric toothbrush with retractable bristles protects sensitive gums while brushes all the nooks and crannies of braces on teeth with ease.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL basiq CoQ10 Monthly Maintenance Kit
30 day supply of our proven PerioEXCEL gel with applicators. This kit helps to maintain adequate levels of CoQ10 as a followup to our PerioEXCEL IQ Intensive Care program.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack
The PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack special includes 2 complete PerioEXCEL IQ6 kits with 6 bottles ea., i.e. 12 bottles total. It is intended for use in gum conditions that require a more intensive usage of CoEnzymeQ10, such as gum recession or more severe gum damage.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 2)
Replacement kit with 2 special brush heads with self-retracting bristles.Fits SDC Sonic Brush & Floss System, Virane Sensitive Brush.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Floss clips (Set of 10)
Replacement pack of 10 Floss Clips.Fits SDC Sonic Brush and Floss kit, Virane Sensitive.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

Sensitive Dental Care System I
The first artificially intelligent tooth cleaning system in the world adapts itself automatically.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Treatment Of Periodontal Disease
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Signs of periodontal disease - bacteria penetrate the gum line. SDC effective for periodontal disease. SDC designed for periodontal disease patients.