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Key Features of The Sensitive Dental Care Brush

1. Intelligent auto-contour design

16 surgical steel springs spread the cleansing and vibrating force evenly over the whole surface. When exerting pressure, the spring activated bristles simply retract and adapt perfectly to the tooth and gum surface. No pressure points to cause spontaneous bleeding, no unbrushed nooks and crannies due to less than perfect tooth alignment. The result: an incredibly comfortable and very thorough cleaning experience.

2. Rounded bristles

Medical grade Tynex® soft bristle material with specially treated and rounded ends ensures a delightful brushing experience with maximum protection of sensitive gums.

3. Intelligent Multigrade brush head

The outer row of rounded end bristles is especially soft to protect the sensitive gums. The inner row is more resilient to ensure rapid and complete plaque removal from tooth enamel.

4. Gentle Vibrations 
No back and forth or rotating head type brush to irritate or activate bleeding. 40 gentle vibrations per second ensure efficient action without the strain on sensitive gum tissue.

5. Long lasting 
Special spring action brush heads last longer than traditional manual brushes, and can easily be replaced later. Replacement heads are readily available. 

6. Exclusive Vibrating Interdental Care!
Our exclusive vibrating flosser is included in the DHI Sensitive Dental Care Kit. Complete dental care should start with interdental cleaning. The exceptional vibrating flosser does the job quickly, efficiently, and without discomfort. The perfect accessory for our dental care system!

7. In depth cleaning
Each brush head is perforated to allow novel flowthrough cleaning. With our unique Cleanstream technology, water totally removes toothpaste and protein residue at the base of the bristles, helping the bristles to last longer and clean more effectively than other brushes.

8. Portability
The DHI Sensitive Dental Care Kit was designed for maximum versatility. You can use it home or easily take it with you when you travel. The system runs on rechargeable or disposable batteries and does not need a power outlet. Runs anywhere without a power cord.

Periodontal Gum Disease

Ortho Sonic Brush System
Brushing teeth with braces has never been so easy! The sonic electric toothbrush with retractable bristles protects sensitive gums while brushes all the nooks and crannies of braces on teeth with ease.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL basiq CoQ10 Monthly Maintenance Kit
30 day supply of our proven PerioEXCEL gel with applicators. This kit helps to maintain adequate levels of CoQ10 as a followup to our PerioEXCEL IQ Intensive Care program.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack
The PerioEXCEL IQ6 DuoPack special includes 2 complete PerioEXCEL IQ6 kits with 6 bottles ea., i.e. 12 bottles total. It is intended for use in gum conditions that require a more intensive usage of CoEnzymeQ10, such as gum recession or more severe gum damage.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 2)
Replacement kit with 2 special brush heads with self-retracting bristles.Fits SDC Sonic Brush & Floss System, Virane Sensitive Brush.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

SDC Replacement Floss clips (Set of 10)
Replacement pack of 10 Floss Clips.Fits SDC Sonic Brush and Floss kit, Virane Sensitive.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Periodontal Gum Disease

Sensitive Dental Care System I
The first artificially intelligent tooth cleaning system in the world adapts itself automatically.

Gum Disease Gingivitis
Treatment Of Periodontal Disease
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